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BlueLine Training Group offers two reasonable ways for an agency to receive training locally.

Hosting: Your agency can host a class of your choice and receive three free training slots. In exchange you will provide a training facility, audio and visual equipment, and assist with the local advertising. Should the required ten students needed to support the course not sign up it will be cancelled at no cost to your agency or BlueLine Training Group. Refunds will be given to any agency that has pre-paid for the course should the class be cancelled. If an agency that has pre-paid cancels two weeks or less prior to the course date a refund will not be given.

Contracting: If you choose to contract a class your agency will pay a flat fee for a set number of seats and provide the training site and audio and visual equipment. Those seats can be filled by your agency or any agency of your choice. You may advertise the course and sell seats if you desire to recoup your expenses or make a profit.


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